Using the best available technology makes us happy in our hearts. The exquisite feeling of glass design and use delights our souls.

Since our beginnings in 1993, the technology we have used and our headquarters’ location has completely changed.
However, our motivation for working with glass and discovering new methods has remained unchanged.

VV SKLO s.r.o.

Established in 1993

VV SKLO s.r.o.

50 000+ projects

VV SKLO s.r.o.

Headquarters in the town of Krizanov, Zdar nad Sazavou district

VV SKLO s.r.o.

Vodafone Finalist, Company of the Year 2013, Vysocina Region

VV SKLO s.r.o.

Authorized partner for DORMA and ALUVERTO

With us everyone will come into their own.

All-glass products

Whether you need glass doors, walls, stairs, railings, showers or just decorations or accessories, we will tailor everything according to each and every customer´s needs.

For the perfect execution of our work, we use tempered glass made in Europe.


Glass processing

We are exceptional in our attention to detail, precision and for using new machines, often unique to the Czech Republic.

Whether it is cutting, drilling, engraving or printing on glass—nothing is an obstacle for us.

Cooperation with developers

Our products will shine not only through your home.

Look at the realization of more extensive development projects.

VV SKLO s.r.o.

Trust us.

Fifty thousand satisfied customers have entrusted their glass to our hands.
Check out our results.

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We love glass