Glass processing

We are a traditional glazing company exceptional in the following areas:

  • Our sense of detail and high-precision
  • Only with us, you will find a comprehensive range of solutions. From cutting to hardening and layering with a wide range of decors—we do it all!
  • We use the latest technologies unique to the Czech Republic
  • We provide completely processed glass and individualised services according to your needs

Glass cutting

Glass cutting is an initial operation posing high demands on precision. In our company, we cut on a high-precision automatic table that allows us to cut glass into almost any shape.

Edge finishing

Precisely-shaped glass edges delight customers—they give glass the hallmark of technically supreme art and impeccable quality.

Glass cut-outs

We can manufacture almost any glass cut-out. We produce cut-outs for drawers, hinges, metalwork, challenging shapes—everything is possible.

Glass drilling

Glass drilling requires skill and experience. Precise measurements and drilling affect the usability of every product. Drilling is vital when mounting glass on walls, installing door fittings, bannisters, etc.

Nano printing

Nano printing is the latest patented technology for digital glass printing. It is ideal for the personalised printing of kitchen glass tiles, glass doors, glass information signs, etc.

Glass engraving

Engraving gives glass added value and individuality. Our company provides matte and polished engraving with the option to select size and shape.

Sandblasting on glass

Sandblasting is the best choice for customers who want their glass decorated traditionally without colouring.

Glass hardening

Tempered (hardened) glass is five times more resistant to lateral impacts and has three times the flexural strength of conventional glass.

Heat soak test

The heat soak test is a destructive test to reduce the risk of spontaneous tempered glass breakage due to the presence of Nickel Sulphide (NiS). During the heating and cooling phase, conditions are simulated, which cause the glass to crack and age spontaneously.

Glass layering

We layer glass supplied by customers or from our production.

Glass washing

Glass washing is an integral part of our company’s production process. We wash glass after virtually every step of its journey (cutting, grinding, drilling) to ensure it is entirely ready for the next stage.

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